Too Marvelous For Words

"Too Marvelous For Words: A Celebration of Nat 'King' Cole" is a fun and swingin' journey into the life and music of Nat "King" Cole. Before "The Christmas Song" and "Mona Lisa" that we know from the crooner standing in front of the orchestra, Nat was recording and playing (from the piano bench!) some of the tastiest and most influential music of the day, leaving an impact not only on an array of singers, but also on such pianists as Oscar Peterson and Ahmad Jamal. The show has toured the country, presenting a version that focusses on the King Cole Trio. Now there's an expanded version with a larger ensemble that features as narrator/lead singer the wonderful Keith David, who has been a Hollywood mainstay for decades, with appearances in films such as The Nice Guys, Platoon, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Crash, and Armageddon. A lifetime fan of Nat Cole, Mr. David infuses his love of Cole into the show (written and created by Peter Smith and Robert Perkins). Mr. David and fellow actor Peter Smith (piano/vocal) are able to engage the material in surprising, theatrical ways while also delivering lush arrangements of Nat's most famous songs, which are beautifully placed in the context of American history and little-known anecdotes. Leaving the audience with a full sense of Nat's life and music, "Too Marvelous For Words" is theatrical and irresistibly swinging.

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